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Tips for Cleaning the Microwave

In today’s hectic, busy world, many people use the microwave more frequently than the conventional oven for cooking and preparing food – you do not need to wait for it to warm up and it is quick and efficient. However, just like a conventional oven, it requires regular cleaning. The good news is that cleaning the microwave oven does not require heavy duty chemicals. In fact it can be cleaned quickly and easily using hot soapy water.

Regular and frequent cleaning will help make the task easier but, even if the microwave has not been cleaned for a while and has tough, baked on food remnants on the insides, simply place a bowl of water in a non-metallic dish and turn the oven on for a couple of minutes. The steam will soften the dirt so that a quick wipe with a soft cloth, rinsed in hot soapy water, will finish the job. You can also add a lemon wedge or similar to the bowl of water to help freshen and deodorize.

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